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S A Slack

Hi, I'm S A Slack. I'm a Novelist and Freelance Writer.

S A Slack, has written many things, from children's books to full-length novels, short stories to poetry, magazine and newspaper articles to company brochures.  She has written in many different genres: mystery, historical mystery, adventure, science fiction, fantasy, religious, and several others types. In a nutshell, S A Slack loves to write! Her long range goal: finishing her new historical mystery series involving William Lambrick, ex-Scotland Yard inspector recently relocated to Denver, Colorado. She is also working on a new adventure in YA fantasy. Out now: Shadowed in the Springs, a Stormy Winters Mystery, her second novel in the series. Visit S A Slack's website at 

S A Slack's Background

S A Slack's Experience

Freelance Writer at Susan A Slack

1996 - 2010

Have written novels, children's books, short stories, magazine articles, brochures, poetry.

Writer of novels, children's books, news & magazine articles. Also painter of landscapes in oils. at S A Slack

January 2005

S A Slack's Education

Cochise College

Institute of Children's Literature

Concentration: Writing for Children

Long Ridge Writers Group

Concentration: Writing both fiction & nonfiction

S A Slack's Interests & Activities

I love family outings, painting, gardening, geocaching, reading, animals, traveling, and puzzles. I belong to writers groups and organizations, and volunteer at my church. I'm learning to speak the languages of Swedish and Portuguese.

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